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Wayan's Cultural Tour

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Focusing your mind and heart into the Bali's ancient culture

What is Bali trip without exploring the cultural sides of the exotic island? Get closer to Bali culture by taking Wayan's Cultural Tour with a visit to Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah) where you will get to witness interesting carvings. Another exciting place to visit that is included in the package is Mas Village, the perfect place for art lovers. Enjoy the knowledge of a place where ethnic wooden crafts were born from and the arts itself has been recognized internationally. Getting deeper to the culture, you will also walk into Traditional Balinese House Compound where traditional Balinese houses exist. To complete the exciting trip, you will get to visit Penglipuran Village which is a beautiful highland known for its preserved community and culture.

Point of Interests

Your Bali discovery begins here.

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Stop 1

Goa Gajah

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Stop 2

Traditional Balinese House Compound

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Stop 3

Penglipuran Village

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Stop 4

Mas Village