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Besides being a cultural destination, Ubud has also been acknowledged as a world class ‘wellness tourism’ spot. Besides our yoga classes, The Udaya Resorts & Spa also presents you the Kaveri Spa facility facing a valley for your complete relaxation with our wide range of traditional spa treatments.

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We provide three private suites, each with a maximum capacity of two persons, where you may indulge in a soothing holistic experience. Our unique and exotic spa menu combines inner healing techniques followed by a series of external beauty actualization rituals. We also focus the treatment to restore your body so that the spirit, physique, and mind are balanced.

Kaveri Spa uses essential oils from across the nation and abroad. We then use these natural ingredients in our exclusive line of spa products from Kaveri. Each of our products contains luxurious virgin coconut oil. Our team of experienced therapists will ensure your treatment and total relaxation. You may choose from our treatment menu for men and women which includes rejuvenating facials, traditional body scrubs and massages, or the spa package which can be personalized according to your needs.

Beauty Treatments

Traditional Facial (60 min)

A deep cleansing treatment with a special techniques for relaxation and comfort. Completed with the vitamins needed for glowing skin health with combination product by Biokos containing bio-seaweed extract. Enjoy a relaxing facial treatment, concentrating in acupressure point to release that facial tension.

The Udaya Facial (60 min)

A wonderful refitalizing and moisturizing facial used fresh ingredient of yoghurt, candlenut, cucumber, carrot, honey, and avocado. This natural cleansing masque, will leaves the skin relaxed.

Manicure (60 min)

This treatment begins with a hand bath consisting of rock, salt, and sliced lime for antiseptic followed by nail sculpturing, trimming, cuticle treatment, hand scrub, and hand massage. Your choice of nail polish color to complete this beauty process.

Pedicure (60 min)

This treatment begins with a footbath consisting of rock, salt, and sliced lime for antiseptic. Followed by nail toe sculpturing, trimming, cuticle treatment, foot scrub, and foot massage. Your choice of nail polish color to complete this beauty process.

Body Scrub and
Body Mask

Strawberry Scrub (110 min)

Awaken your senses and tone your body with our Strawberry Scrub which is particularly rich in vitamins and anti-oxidant. This treatment includes our signature footbath. 60 minutes of Traditional Balinese Massage continued a refreshing Strawberry body scrub & body mask which will make your skin more toned, highly moisturized and giving it a healthy glowing shine. And finished with flower bath to balance your emotion.

Balinese Borch (90 min)

Borch is a paste-like substance tradtitionally made from a mixture of sandalwoods, cloves, cinnamons, gingers, nutmegs, corianders, and ground raw rice. The 90 minutes treatment begins with a Balinese Massage, then the borch is spread onto your body. The paste itself has a warming effect on the skin protecting you from cold and stimulate blood circulation. Finishes with herbal bath.

Ginger (45 min)

Our ginger scrub provides natural warm heat that is very effective in reducing muscle fatigue and improves your blood circulation.

Green Tea (45 min)

Pure Green tea contains powerful antioxidant, helping to minimize the formation of acne, cellulite and stretch marks, also providing a natural whitening effect on the skin. This skin exfoliating treatment will make smooth the skin, also effective for calming and soothing the skin.

Treatments Menu

Traditional Balinese Massage (60 min)

A full body massage combining different massage techniques of pressure points, palm pressure, sliding and kneading. This massage work deeply on the muscles, leaving the body relaxed, combines gentle stretching, long strokes and skin rolling to relieve muscle pain and it is believed to relieve sleeping disorder, muscle pains, and sport injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage (90 min)

A deep tissue massage is ideal for relieving muscle tension. The massage will be focusing on meridian points and muscle groupings, employing skillful techniques with the palm, elbow, and forearm, accompanied with gentle stretching and long strokes to tight muscles and joints.

The Kaveri Royal Massage (90 min)

Our signature deeply relaxing massage technique that used gentle stroke to soothe body, mind, and emotions. In this treatment, a selection of the purest essential oils are chosen and blended with a natural base oil to suit your needs. Essential oils penetrate deeply into your body's tissues for physical healing while their scents enhance your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Foot Reflexology (60 min)

Reflexology recognizes that feet have points that correspond to the other organs and functions of body. When stimulated, they can rectify imbalances, helping the body to repair itself. The techniques of applying gentle pressure to the reflex points are ideal after a long walk or activites.

Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 min)

A relaxing and traditional style massage focusing on the neck and shoulder area to relieve stress and tension as well as to improve back muscle relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage (90 min)

Hot stone massage is a massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply. THe benefits are warming, relieve stress, encourages relaxation, improve flexibility and range of motion, relaxes muscle, and to increase circulation in the body.

Kaveri Packages

Relaxing Royal Couple (120 min)

Spending the day together doesn't get any better than this. Relaxing Royal Couple is treated with a Traditional Balinese Massage, a blend of techniques taking both on a journey throughout the continent. This relaxing yet invigorating massage loosens muscle tissue and rids the toxins in the body. This treatment is complemented with a green tea body scrub & body mask to leave the both of you with a wonderful feeling of afterglow and finish with milk bath.

Pampering Package (120 min)

Two hours treatment of Traditional Balinese Massage to relax and heal your tensed body and continued with flowers bath to balance the emotion and finished with rejuvenating beauty face treatment.

Kaveri Indulgent (150 min)

Two and a half hours treatment starts with Kaveri Royal Treatment to soothe body, mind, and soul. This package includes a choice of body scrub treatment and body mask. Finished with flower bath.

Holistic & Beauty Package (180 min)

Three hours treatment of rejuvenating beauty face treatment followed by manicure and padicure treatment.

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