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Located on the second floor of the main building, Deeva only serves high quality food using top tier organic ingredients harvested by local farmers.

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Indonesian and Asian food

Appetizer & Salad

Gado Gado

Fresh organic vegetable wrap in white cabbage, boiled egg, local basil and peanut sauce

Tomato prawn salad

Pan pried prawn with kaffir lime crackers, red bumbu, and mix vegetable

Bulung Putih

Fresh white seaweed with grill tuna, cucumber, grated coconut, chili tossed with galangal sauce

Papaya salad

Young papaya with spring onion, red chili and tahi dressing.

Sambal Tomat be Pasih

Mixed seafoods; clams,prawns, squids, and fish with hot and spicy Balinese tomato sambal served with organic mix lettuces, and fresh coriander green.

Main Course

Deeva nasi Goreng

Indonesia fried rice with beef rendang, and mixed vegetable, served with beef satays.

Mie Goreng Nusantara

Indonesian fried noodles with homemade nusantara paste, and vegetables, served with prawns.

Char Kway Teow

Stir-fried ricecake strips with vegetables, shrimp, egg omelets, and prawn crackers.

Balinese Chicken Curry

Balinese chicken stew with yellow bumbu, coconut cream, potato, and red rice

Stir Fry Tofu

Work fried tofu with bok choy and carrot julienne. Served steam rice.


Soto Ayam

Clear chicken soup with yellow bumbu, seeded cabbage, bean sprout, glass noodle and crispy shallot.

Pumpkin Soup

Spicy soup with coconut milk, orange, red chili, lemon grass, kaffir lime and coconut milk

Udaya Seafood Soup

Traditional Thai hot & sour soup with mixed seafood and infused Asian spices.

Wonton Soup

Steam pork wonton soup with box choy, crispy garlic, spring onion.

Soup Buntut

Indonesia oxtail soup with diced tomatoes, carrot, slice leeks, crispy shallots, and emping melinjo.

Ayam crancam

Balinese style chicken soup served with celery and fried shallot.

Western food


Organic Seasonal Farm Salad

Our special salad from our organic farm in Bedugul in the north of Bali, avocado, coriander, lolla rossa, sun-dried tomatoes, soft boiled-egg, Balinese carrots, with mustard and garlic vinaigrette.

Smoked Salmon with Green Asparagus

Rocket leaves salad and sauce gribiche.

Caesar Salad

Fresh baby romaine lettuce in Caesar dressing topped with crispy bacon, grilled chicken, spring onion, Parmesan cheese, crispy anchovy and crouton

Pan fried duck salad

With caramelized onion, brioche, and ginger apple compote.

Portobello Mushroom salad

With garlic, rocket leaf and baby spinach salad, sun dried tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette.

Scalloped with pumpkin pure

Pan fried scalloped with sundried tomato, carrot, quail eggs and olive oil.


Shrimp Jumbo Soup

Served with potatoes and crispy garlics.

Mushroom Soup

Clear of mushroom with garlic crispy.

Main Course

Tuna fish and Lemon Butter Sauce

Marinated mille feuilies with sesame Wan Tan and vegetables julienne.

Fillet of grass-pad beef

Grilled of beef tenderloin with pumpkin grantin, carrot, beet root, mushroom pure and red wine sauce

Suckling Pork Belly

Crispy pork belly with spinach boll, caramelized onion, apple pure, and beer sauce.

Chicken Breast

Grill chicken with roll Green bean, potato pure, beet root and black pepper sauce

Pan fried barramundi

Served with vegetables, julienne, snow peas and demi galce sauce.

Duo of Duck

Pan fried duck breast, cauliflower puree and beetroot potato.

Pork black pepper sauce

Stir fried pork with triangle vegetable, onion, and black pepper sauce

Satay Babi

Grilled pork marinated with red bumbu on bambo skewer, sayur urab, served with steamed sweet potato rice.

Ikan sambel Bongkot

Deeply fry fish with Balinese sambal bongkat, served fern vegetable and sweet potato rice

Satay Languan

Minced fish with coconut greted, balinese paste, watter spinach and steam sweet potato rice

Bebek goreng

Deep fry special crispy duck with vegetable urab and sweet potato rice

Timbungan Ayam

Traditional cooking chicken rapped with bamboo, served with potato rice and fern vegetable.


Homemade Balinese Dessert

Dadar gulung

Grotted coconut with palm sugar, jack fruit wrapped in crepped and Coconut ice-cream.

Bubur kacang ijo

Sticky green bean and glutinous rice pudding with coconut cream.

Jajye Klepon

Panduin dumpling cake, served with grated fresh coconut.

Western Dessert

Mixed Fruit Slices

Balinese exotic mixed fruit slices

Warm Apple Tart

With caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Kartäuser Klöße

German dumplings, passion fruits, vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries.

Chocolate Mousse

Served with cherry and mint leaves.

Mango Panna cotta

Served with chcolate sauce and cherry fruits.

Ice Cream

You can choose between: vanilla, chocolate, coconut, strawberry


Candlelight Dinner & Romantic Breakfast

Request a private candlelight dinner or breakfast on top of The Udaya Resorts & Spa with an open tropical treetop scenery.

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Full Moon & New Moon Dinner

During the full moon and new moon evenings, we present you with extravagant Balinese dances to complete your cultural exploration while staying at The Udaya Resorts & Spa in the Deeva Restaurant.

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Afternoon Tea

We provide a complimentary afternoon tea every day from 16.00 to 18.00 PM for our guests.


Cooking Class

We also offer Indonesian authentic food cooking class for those who are interested in our culinary diversity across the archipelago, especially Balinese dishes.

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Acoustic Dinner

Enjoy delicacies accompanied with soothing acoustic music every Monday and Friday from 19.00 to 21.00.