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The best way to enjoy Ubud is to directly be in touch with its nature and culture. The Udaya Resorts & Spa offers various activities, whether within or outside the resort's venue, so that you can have the ultimate unforgettable experience.


The Udaya Resorts & Spa offers complimentary yoga classes every Tuesday and Thursday, 7.30-8.30 AM. The class is guided by an experienced yoga instructor from the resort.

If you have never tried yoga before or are not yet so experienced in it, no need to worry, because this class is also suitable for beginners. For that reason, yoga has been a favorite activity of our guests. We also provide all the equipment, including yoga mats, yoga blocks, towels, and bottled waters.

The class is held at our Rooftop Yoga Hut, a prime location within our property with a luxurious view so you can enjoy the fresh air of Ubud in the morning.


Cycling would be a good choice of transport to explore Ubud. We provide bicycle rental along with a guided bicycle tour by our staff to trail paddy fields and visit traditional villages scattered around Ubud. To name one of the favorite stops around Ubud is the Uma Sok Wayah, which is famed for its row of restaurants along paddy fields.

Our experienced guides will also take you through villages and paddy fields while explaining various details about our culture, irrigation system, and the strong bond of the Balinese with their beautiful island.

It takes around 3-4 hours to explore Ubud on bicycle. It would be an educative, refreshing, and of course fun experience.


For the more adventurous guests who prefer outdoor activities, we also provide guided tours to explore the nature of Ubud. This route can be adjusted to your needs as long as the weather permits.

The Udaya Resorts & Spa's strategic location allows for several trekking routes, one of which goes through the paddy fields on the skirts of Ubud, such as Uma Sok Wayah, then to the paddy terraces of Ceking and several other spots.


One of The Udaya Resorts & Spa's star facility is to accommodate your wedding. Our property can be the idyllic option for that special day for you and your life partner. Imagine the two of you exchanging wedding vows on the green open landscape.

Our staff could assist you in the wedding preparations, especially for an intimate wedding theme. The Udaya Resorts & Spa has many spots that would make perfect backgrounds for you and your beloved, one such spot is our Rooftop Yoga Hut, where the wedding aisle or altar can be set against the exotic green landscape. A few other options are also available for you to choose from.